Recall Check Report: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

While the team at TEK Inspections provides valuable home inspections, we also believe in providing families with peace of mind. This is why we offer a recall check report with each of our residential inspections. You may be wondering what a recall check report is, or if it’s even something you really need. Let us help you understand why this report is essential to maintaining a safe and happy home.  What Is a Recall Check Report?Our certified inspectors will compile a list of all appliances during your home inspection. This information is then submitted to a recall product agency. Next, the agency will check your appliance information against the product recall data in its database. Finally, a detailed recall report containing any recall information regarding your specific home appliances will be emailed directly to you. This report will also include instructions on how to get the item repaired or replaced, which … Continued

What Is a Buyer Protection Plan?

When purchasing a home for your family in the Tahoe City area, you may believe a home inspection is enough to protect you from any unknown, expensive damage that may be found once you move in. While a home inspection does offer a thorough overview of the condition of the home to be purchased, it doesn’t necessarily include a buyer protection plan. Fortunately for you, each residential inspection from TEK Inspections includes a buyer protection plan at no extra charge to you. This is great news, but what does it mean? Keep reading to find out what a buyer protection plan is, and how it works to protect your new investment.What Is a Buyer Protection Plan?A buyer protection plan keeps your home and your finances protected in the case of any unknown or invisible damage to your new home. It will pay for any new repairs or replacements on the … Continued

Quick Report Results with Our 4-Step Mold Testing Process

Do you suspect mold may be causing some nasty health issues or structural damage in your home? If so, you may need a comprehensive mold inspection sooner rather than later. The team at TEK Inspections offers a quick turnaround service for each of our mold inspections, giving you clear results within 24 hours. Through our 4-step process, we can discover and locate any sources of mold growth or mold spores in your Kings Beach, CA, home.

What’s Included with Each of Our Commercial Property Inspections?

Are you looking for a professional team to inspect your commercial property? Do you want to ensure you’re receiving a top-notch inspection for your valuable business? When you hire TEK Inspections to conduct the inspection for your Truckee, CA, business, you are hiring a professional team with the expertise and skills necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of your business property. Our services go above and beyond the actual inspection and provide you with the knowledge you need to make wise financial decisions for your business.

5 Valuable Types of Home Inspections

Are you relocating to Reno and looking for a home in the area? Have you already found a home, but want to make sure there are no surprises before you make such a large purchase? Take advantage of the licensed inspection team at TEK Inspections. Whatever your home inspection needs, we certainly can provide them with one of the five options below.