5 Valuable Types of Home Inspections

Are you relocating to Reno and looking for a home in the area? Have you already found a home, but want to make sure there are no surprises before you make such a large purchase? Take advantage of the licensed inspection team at TEK Inspections. Whatever your home inspection needs, we certainly can provide them with one of the five options below.1. Luxury Home InspectionsAs fully-licensed residential inspectors, our team has the capability to assess the complex systems, elaborate infrastructure, and intricate design of your luxury home. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, such as infrared cameras, to give you a professional, top-quality inspection.2. Pre-listing InspectionsA pre-listing inspection can offer valuable insight into the current condition of your home, before you put it on the market. Items such as mold under the carpet or high levels of radon can be detected by our trained, licensed inspectors. 3. Builder WarrantyWith any new home construction, … Continued