Has it been some time since you’ve had the roof of your Reno, NV, commercial building inspected? Thankfully, TEK Inspections can efficiently examine your roof in record time with our cost-effective commercial roof drone inspections. We can provide an abundance of information for several industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, power generation, and more. Keep reading to learn why you should schedule a commercial roof drone inspection and how it can greatly benefit your business.

Why Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected By a Drone

Top Reasons to Have a Commercial Roof Drone Inspection

There are many reasons for having an experienced inspector perform a roof drone inspection on your commercial property. In addition to processing insurance claims or purchasing a large building, these high-tech inspections are perfect for:

  • checking the condition of the rooftop to see what type of maintenance is needed. 
  • saving money with regular roof maintenance rather than having to pay for a new one.
  • protecting staff, employees, and customers by ensuring the rooftop is in first-rate condition.
  • saving energy by preventing water leaks, replacing damaged insulation, or addressing other roof issues that can cause increased heating and cooling costs.

Benefits of Commercial Drone Inspections for Roofs

High-tech drone inspections are a detailed yet cost-effective method for checking the true condition of your commercial roof. Our commercial inspectors are FAA 107 licensed drone pilots. Plus, they adhere to all current regulations when operating drones for professional use. There are many other benefits of our commercial drone inspections, including:

  • an efficient and cost-effective approach to examining the rooftop.
  • high-speed inspection method for covering vast distances.
  • an enhanced and thorough view of the roof’s condition.
  • high-resolution photos that provide clear details.

Schedule a Drone Inspection Today

In addition to our commercial drone inspections, we also provide radon testing, mold testing, and infrared inspections for commercial properties throughout the Reno area. Contact us today at (775) 746-4990 to schedule an inspection or request one now.

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