If you need a thorough commercial construction inspection, TEK Inspections offers a highly accurate method for evaluating the entire project, from start to finish. Our drone inspections provide an abundance of data for construction projects. We can help provide information for mapping, land surveying, roofing, and other infrastructure or property issues. If you’ve never experienced a drone inspection, keep reading to discover how this specialized evaluation can be of great advantage to your next commercial construction project.

3 Advantages of Drone Inspections for Commercial Construction Projects

1. Monitor in Real Time

One of the major benefits of a drone is that it can be used to take real-time photos or videos. These images can be sent to members of the construction team, including the construction manager, architect, engineer, supervisors, and more. This helps to ensure that the commercial project remains on time and on task, and continues to develop as planned. It also allows for any hazardous areas to be caught before they become an even larger liability. 

2. Capture Accurate Information

Because of its aerial perspective, a drone can capture accurate information regarding the entire construction area and property. Before drone inspections came into use, there were particular features that could only be observed from the ground level, such as terrain, electrical lines, and fire hydrants. The precise information from a drone inspection can be used for generating a 3D model of the completed project, or for mapping out the area before construction even begins.

3. Identify Areas of Risk

When a drone can capture accurate information in real time, construction mishaps, hazardous areas, or production mistakes can be identified before they cause unnecessary damage or result in an unfortunate incident. This can also be helpful when ensuring compliance for environmental regulations. such as maintaining a clean job site or handling materials correctly. 

Serve All Industries

While we serve the construction industry, we assist many other professional fields such as the agricultural business, industrial facilities, and more. Request a drone inspection today by calling (775) 746-4990. We also provide mold testing, radon testing, and residential inspections throughout the Reno/Sparks, NV, area and nearby communities.

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