TEK Inspections specializes in three types of valuable commercial inspections – radon testing, infrared inspections, and drone inspections. Each of these inspections is conducted by our certified licensed inspectors for a variety of industries in the Dayton, NV, area, including agriculture, construction, industrial, and many more. With these three types of building inspections, our team provides the peace of mind you need to make the best decisions regarding your commercial business.

3 Valuable Types of Commercial Inspections

1. Radon Testing

Our highly trained radon testing inspectors are certified by the National Radon Safety Board. They will thoroughly and safely examine your commercial structure for any presence of this dangerous gas, using modern radon testing methods and following these steps:

  • Review property for entry points.
  • Create a custom inspection plan.
  • Complete a thorough assessment.
  • Deliver the final report upon completion.

2. Infrared Inspections

What can a commercial infrared inspection do for your business? Not only can it help in lowering the fire risk of your commercial building, it can also pinpoint any electrical weaknesses such as overheating and loose wiring. We follow the steps below for each of our meticulous infrared inspections:

  • Infrared evaluation of all electrical panels.
  • Create a custom report of findings.
  • Follow the arc flash safety protocol.

3. Drone Inspections

The drone inspections performed by TEK provide an abundance of data for several industries across the Dayton, NV, area. With modern technologies like drone inspections, we can discover problems in hard-to-reach places that are inaccessible by conventional means, like roofing, power lines, and infrastructure. Our team has provided drone inspections for such industries as:

  • Agriculture, for crop issues and proper irrigation.
  • Construction sites, for mapping and land surveying.
  • Industrial, such as power plants or oil and gas.

Schedule a Commercial Inspection Today

Request a professional commercial inspection today by contacting us at (775) 746-4990. Along with our commercial inspections, we also provide residential inspections and residential mold testing throughout Dayton, NV, and the surrounding areas.