TEK Inspections serves a wide range of industries and companies with our high-tech drone inspections. From agricultural to industrial, there are several trades that take advantage of our drone inspections, and other specialized assessments we offer. We can provide you with an abundance of data that can help you troubleshoot all types of issues and discover solutions including power lines, roofing materials, and general infrastructure. Keep reading to learn more about the three most common types of industries we serve with our advanced drone inspections.

3 Industries We Serve With Our Drone Inspections

1. Agriculture

Drone inspections for the agriculture industry can do more than provide information regarding crop issues and proper irrigation. Along with regular monitoring of crops, livestock, and drainage, drones can also:

  • create 3D maps of farmland.
  • provide visual crop data faster than walking through fields.
  • help improve crop conditions and crop yield.
  • record crop health over an extended period of time.

2. Construction

For the construction trade, drone inspections can provide visual data efficiently and quickly for mapping and surveying large areas of land. This can help construction companies detect problems in advance as well as help them avoid running over budget. Drone inspections can also provide these benefits for construction sites:

  • Increase the accuracy and regularity of reporting
  • Improve safety conditions by quickly spotting issues
  • Improve the efficiency of operations

3. Industrial

Due to the nature of industrial corporations, such as oil and gas, drone inspections can be extremely beneficial for these types of structures. There’s no need to send anyone into a potentially dangerous situation to conduct an inspection. Plus, drones can reach places that inspectors can’t such, as chimneys and smokestacks, storage tanks, and refineries. Other benefits of drone inspections for the industrial trade include:

  • No need to build scaffolding to inspect hard-to-reach places.
  • Keep inspectors and others out of harm’s way.
  • Help maintain assets used to produce a variety of materials.
  • Save time and resources that would normally be used to perform inspections.

Drone Inspections & More

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