If you’re purchasing a home in the Reno area and suspect the home may have water damage, electrical problems, or missing insulation, you may want to consider having an infrared inspection conducted. The team at TEK Inspections uses advanced, non-intrusive technology to map any thermal energy that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Keep reading to learn more about how our thermal imaging evaluations can prevent unfortunate damage in your new home.

3 Weaknesses an Infrared Inspection Can Uncover in Your Home

1. Overheating Electrical Components

It’s hard to know if your Reno area home has any overheating electrical components because most of the electrical wiring is within the floors or walls of your home. Often, the only time you discover a problem is if the electricity isn’t working, or worse, when the faulty wiring causes a fire. When purchasing a home, an infrared inspection will tell you if any specific areas of the home are overheating. 

2. Water Intrusion

When your home has experienced a burst pipe, leaking bathtub, or faulty kitchen plumbing, the water from that leak can go virtually anywhere in your home. You may think you have cleaned up all the water damage, but this is a breeding ground for mold and mildew if moisture is left within the walls or under the flooring. This poses a health risk for your family and, because the mold or mildew is not visible, you have no idea it’s even in your home. 

3. Missing Insulation

A properly insulated home protects the plumbing from damage caused by cold or freezing temperatures. When not insulated properly, pipes can freeze and burst, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. An infrared inspection can discover any missing insulation in the home, thereby allowing you to properly insulate and prevent costly damage to your home.

Professional Infrared Inspections

Request an infrared inspection today by calling us at (775) 746-4990. We also provide mold testing, radon testing, and drone inspections in the Reno area, including Tahoe City, CA, Incline Village, NV, Carson City, NV, and the surrounding communities.